Shashi Bala Case Study

There was a woman named shashi Bala .Who was an ordinary women. She has small cloths shop and beauty parlous. This lady working on our gurwalia plant.  She was operating husk plant. We gave her loan. She taken heating machine and cutting machine form given loan. She was only 24 years old. She was married too. After taking loan her business was improving. 

Now she is doing all work and most of girls coming in her shop because now there was no problem of light in her shop and people not had to wait for shopping.  

Amit Case Study

Amit used to run a toy store. One day I met Amit on a visit to the shop and I was advising him to join solar power. Then a customer came on Amit’s store and demanding cake form Amit, he replied that I will go to Betiya in evening at 7 pm. So you came at 7 pm at my store for cake. Similarly, he used to take order of cake and bring the cake for from Betiya, 21 kilometers away from his store. So I advised him to open the cake counter .and also take to the vendor, the cost of counter is approx. 55,000 to 60,000. I also talked for financial help. Today after giving 50,000 Amit’s earning are 130 to 150 per cake and 500 to 700 in a day. Now he also used 5 KW solar powers.  

Vikash Kumar Yadav Case Study

There was a man whose name was vikash Yadav .He is only 22 years old.  He took of our solar plant in khirkiya. He was poor shopkeeper.  He did all the work by his hands. Due to which his time getting waste. Once upon time a man from SPI Company went to visit at his shop and while working with him, the man asked that you do not have any electric machine for workers. Then Vikash said that no we don’t have electric machine we work with the help of our hands. Because of which our work remains in completed. He said to man, can you give me a loan? The man gave him a loan of 50,000 from his company. With that he took the all-electric machine and also using solar power. Now he saves his time and also doing his work on time with efficiently. 

Dhananjay Shrama Case Study

There was a man named Dhananjay Sharma and he has a small shop of furniture he hired four men. He was on khirkiya plant and he had also a generator facility. He used to do all his work with this generator. He only 32 years old. He was on Husk plant .He used solar solar plant for his work and he was our big customer. He had also a small hand generator machine and randa machine. We give a loan of 50,000 for big randa machine and he used to do all his work with this machine. He hired four men to make the business big. His business grew and his body began to relax. And in a short time more work started happening. Previously he had a randa machine, now he has a hand machine and also cotton machines, which he now got more work. 

Amar Kumar Katkuyar Case Study

There was a man who named Amar kumar. He was only 19 years old. He was the eldest boy of his house; he had studied till intermediate .He used to do the job of downloading song from small room from which he he used to spend the household expenses. His younger brother used to study and elder brother used to help him. Once upon time this man came to know about the solar plant from someone. That in Turkaulia market has solar plant. Solar provides 24 hrs of electricity .He took a connection of solar. Being solar, he now work for few more time. The man came to know about loan. He took laptop, printer and lamination machine from loan amount. He changed his shop and took it to near purvanchal bank and dong a work of CSP. He works grow and he hired two man for doing his work. He grows with speed.  

Prabhat Tiwari Atta Chakki Case Study 

Prabhat Tiwari run atta chakki machine . He was only 22 years old. He used to run 22 ice engines with 20 chhaki. There was no significant difference in production. People used to pay 2 rupees per kg of wheat. There was lot of trouble with the sound of the machine and there was not any petrol pump. He knows about Solar Power plant and ready to take connection of solar plant. But he was financially poor so, we gave 50,000 petrol also had to be purchased at an expensive rate. Now Prabhat earning 200 to 300 per day. Now he is using solar plant in very efficient manner.  

Bhola Prasad Case Study

Once upon a time, there was a man who was 70 years old .And he had small shop of furniture at khirkiya plant. He hired three men for work. He spends his all time on his work. Due to being too old, he could not run the hammer but he had 24 years old boy who used to come to work every day. There was more work that he could not do. Once upon time sanjeev kumar Yadav member of SPI Company went to visit at his store. He talk with Bhola parasad , one customer came to his shop whose work was not completed . Sanjeev told about solar plant and loan .When that man understood it, he said sir make our connection and also pass loan. Sanjeev give him loan. After Passing loan Bhola bought randa machine and cotton machine. Now he done his work in 5 to 6 hrs and also take new order from the customer. Now Bhola Prasad happy with his work.

Sayara Begum Case Study

Once upon a time, there was a woman whose name was sayara Begum. She used to do sewing work .She used hand sewing machine and leg sewing machine. She was ordinary woman. Once upon a time, then a man came there to give the cloths, the lady took cloths and said to the man, your clothes will be ready in five days. That man said that he wants clothes in only two days, and then she said that I have lots of clothes for sewing. Then man said ok. The man came after five days but his clothes was not ready because she did not have the facility of light .The man told about solar plant and also advise to took connection of solar plant for their sewing . Solar plant provides 24 hrs of electricity. The woman took the connection very thoughtful and started working at night also. She bought 3 motor and 2 sewing machines. She filled a form of loan. She took loan from SDS Company. After taking machine her work done with speed. She also hired 3 girls for their sewing machine. Now she used to sewing clothes on time. 

Jitendra Kumar Case Study

During the allocating solar plant connection we met with Jitendra Kumar. He is only 27 years old. He used to run small shop mobile repairing. Along with this he also used recording camera. He was a good photographer. But he was not financially strong to buy his own camera. We gave him financial help. Now he have own camera and also run lab. He hired two men for his work. Now his economic condition is better. Now he is earning 300 to 500 per day. 

Jitendra Kumar Chaursiya Case Study

Jitendra used to run a shop of mobile charging. He is only 26 Years old.  During the connection of solar plant we met with him. We told that you should increase your business but he said that he was not financially good. He did not have money to increase business. We gave him loan. After getting loan he took laptop and printer. Now he is seller of mobile along with mobile repairing. He also hired two men for his work. Now his economic condition is better. Now he is earning 500 to 600 per day.

Nand Kishore shahu case study 

There was a village name virdavan Takiya. He is only 47 years old.  In this village we gave connection of solar plant. During giving the connection we met with Nand Kishore Kumar. We told him to buy freeze and start to sell milk and cold water along with grocery item. Your income will also increase. There was problem of money. So, we gave him loan. After getting loan he buy freeze and after this now he earn 100-200 rupees daily from milk and cold water . 

Raju Kumar kanchan sweets case study

Raju Kumar runs a sweets shop in Pipra Kothi market. He is only 27 years old . During the connection of solar plant, we told that we also provide financial help. And our companies also give financial help to increase business and buy any electronic goods. He asked to buy deep freezer .We gave him loan of rupees 50,000 and he took the freeze and open a milk store. Today his is only dealer in his area. After repaying the loan, he took the loan again; he now supplies sweets with milk and also gave work to many people. Now his economic condition is better. Now he is earning 500 to 700 per day.

Rahul Kumar Case Study

Near Chanpatiya cinema hall campus, Rahul run a little shop of cold drinks. We met Rahul during the connection and we told that along with cold drinks, you should also keep ice cream here. We gave faith that we will help financially. 

He filled loan application to buy the slider Freeze and we gave him 50,000 rupees as a loan. After giving loan amount he sells cold drinks and ice cream too. Today he also gave employment to his brother. Now his economic condition is better. Now he is earning 700 to 1000 per day. Now Rahul is our customer and he used 5kw of solar power.